v 0.1 (in development)
  • Added support for using the fabfile in each project’s repo
  • Added “launch window” feature
  • Added experimental support for deployment output. (use SOCKETIO_ENABLED setting)
  • Fixed an issue where deleted projects showed up in graphs and sidebar (issue #67)
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not set user’s user level. (issue #64)
  • Added alias to hosts model. (thanks Hedde!)
  • Added note in README about creating a super user (thanks madazone!)
  • Fixed injection security bug in fab command
  • Using virtualenv to run project fabfiles
  • Added task argument support!
  • Fabric task lists are now cached per project. Invalidate the cache on the project detail page.
  • Upgraded to django 1.7. IMPORTANT: run fabric-bolt migrate.